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Your Genetic Connection


Is Our Service Right for You?

So, you finally own that star animal, worthy of a long-lasting legacy. Now all you need is a dependable, quality partner to collect, freeze and store its semen until you’re ready to use it. Molding your herd into prime specimens takes finesse, patience and a strong understanding of how the entire artificial insemination process works. Our team of veterinarians and AI experts have the insight and experience to help you achieve this. We want to not only develop a business relationship with you, but also get to know the genetic make-up of your animals at the most intimate level to help you find the success you desire.

We’re Here for You.

We want you to know that you’re not in this alone. Our team is here to answer questions and help you strategize your best plan of action. Let us tailor our services to your individual needs. Every animal is unique, so they should be cared for as such. If you’re looking for personalized service, you’ve found the right place! Just tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Quality Matters.

When it comes to livestock, working with the best of the best is important to you. Producing only the highest-quality collections matters. We are proud of the reputation Interglobe has earned over the past 45 years and plan to continue the quality service customers have come to expect. The best of the best deserves to be treated the best and we will settle for nothing less. Let us help you create the star of the show.


Species Serviced.

Below, you’ll find that we offer a large variety of services to help make your artificial insemination goals a success. See our competitive pricing for basic services and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us anytime!


Includes collection and processing of
haul-in and on-farm animals.


Includes storage. Standard post-thaw check is performed on all semen.


Available for all species except canines on- and off-collections. Feed and hay included. Any additional veterinary testing or drug costs are the responsibility of the owner.


Includes tank rental and handling.


  • Conventional Flush: $300.00
  • Freezing: $55.00/Embryo
  • Transfer Fresh or Frozen: $60.00/Embryo
  • Drugs for Flush: $250–275.00 (Depending on set-up)
  • Donor Housing: $7.00/Day, $8.00/Day with Calf
  • Trans Ova: $250.00/Aspiration
    For quality and maximum production, we recommend donor stimulation. We will make accommodations for the needs of the client and/or donor for a successful aspiration. 
  • Using Reverse Sorted Semen: $225.00/Embryo
  • Conventional/Sexed Frozen Semen: $170.00/Embryo
  • Cycle Producing No Embryos: $110.00
  • Incubator Rental with Shipping: $75.00/Donor (roughly)
    Split between total donors done by Interglobe that day.
  • Farm Call: $1.25/Mile (one way)

    • Collection Fee: $50.00/Animal*
    • 0-40 Units: $100.00 Minimum
    • 41+ Units: $2.75/Unit

    *To be paid at time of service on farm call.


    • Collection Fee: $50.00/Animal*
    • 0-20 Units: $100.00 Minimum
    • 21-100 Units: $5.50/Unit
    • 100+ Units: $5.00/Unit

    *To be paid at time of service on farm call.


    • Collection Fee: $250.00/Animal**
    • 11+ Units: $25.00/Straw
    • Yearly Storage: $60.00/Year
    • Unsuccessful Collection: $50.00

    **Includes freezing up to 10 units.

  • Farm Call: $150.00 Minimum*
  • Mileage (1-Way Over 150 Miles): $1.25/Mile
  • Mileage (1-Way with Onsite Freezing Trailer): $1.75/Mile
  • Hotel/Travel Costs: TBD

    • Semen Check: $50.00
    • Post-Freeze Discard: $25.00/Animal
    • Storage Fee: $0.05/Straw/Month*

    *Billed quarterly.


    • Discard Fee: $50.00

    **Up to 10 units included in collection fee. Additional fee will apply over 10 units.


    • 0-50 Units: $60.00/Year Minimum
    • 51+ Units: $0.10/Unit/Month*

    *Billed quarterly.

  • Bulls: $10.00/Day
  • Bucks: $5.00/Day
  • Rams: $5.00/Day
  • Canines: Not Available

    • First Tank: $225.00/Tank
    • Additional Tanks: $170.00/Each


    • Owner Tank Stored in Stud: $170.00/Year


    • In-House: $75.00/Hour


    • In-House: $75.00/Hour
  • *UPS shipping charges not included in fee.

    *Shipping insurance available upon request and is the responsibility of the shipper.

    *Shipper is required to fill out a Semen Release Form prior to shipping. (See below.)

*All prices are subject to change without notice.


*All prices are subject to change without notice.

Supply Store.

All Supplies (Call for pricing.)
  • CIDRs
  • Synchronization Drugs
  • Sheaths
  • Sleeves
  • Rods
  • And More
Walk-In Semen Purchases
We are not selling semen to walk-in customers at this time. Please check back for future availability.

Shipping Note and Disclaimer.

We ask that you fill out the Semen Release Form each time semen is transferred or sold. This form also applies for all shipments, without exception.

PLEASE NOTE: Interglobe, LLC assumes no liability as to the declared value on units of semen. Interglobe will handle, store and ship all semen with the utmost care and concern but will not be held responsible for any and all loss or damage that may occur when semen is handled, stored or shipped. It is the responsibility of the owner of the semen to maintain/request insurance to cover loss or damage.

CSS Testing and Isolation.

CSS Testing Includes: We now are a CSS-certified facility offering sexed heifer collections (bulls only).

Call for more information and pricing.

International Requests.

Semen Exports
  • CSS Certified: We are certified to export bull semen internationally.
  • USDA Approved: We are approved to export small ruminant semen internationally.
  • Tank Transportation: We will deliver tanks to International Freight Forward in Chicago, Illinois.
Semen Imports
  • Quarantine: We provide a secure location for international collections.

Call for more information and pricing.